About Us

“The Man from Kangaroo Valley Trail Ride” “Kangaroo Valley Horse riding “is run by husband and wife team, Geoff & Gail. It encompasses Mt. Moollootoo, lush rainforest, open grazing land and endless bush that expands into the Morton National Park, some of the most beautiful horse riding in Australia. Our backyard is an escape into the relaxing lifestyle of our working horse property.

“After 62 years in the saddle, being around horses is still one of the great joys in my life.”

I started riding when milk and bread were delivered by horse and cart, fortunately the horses were kept in paddocks opposite our home and whenever we could, my mates and I would entice them to the nearest fence with a handful of grass then jump off onto the horses back and hope for the best.

We follow the concept of natural horsemanship, a philosophy of working with horses based on the idea of working with the horse’s nature, using an understanding of how horses think and communicate to train the horse to accept humans and work confidently and responsively with them.

The horses have taught us how to control our own energy levels, to respect their “space”,to treat them as individuals.

Our herd is made up of Arabians, Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses and others, all of whom are ridden on the trails that lead up through the rainforest onto the tops of the mountains on our property.

Gail, my wife, is also an avid horsewoman who started riding at a young age in Canada. It is her gentle approach and love for animals that makes our partnership work so well.

The trail ride is described as a bush walk on horseback, visitors learn about the history of the valley, the geography and wildlife and are treated to spectacular views over the Morton National Park, and the Kangaroo River.

We want nothing more than to share this beautiful environment with you, and look forward to sharing our love of horses and our peaceful lifestyle.

Geoff and Gail